Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Importance of Cross-Branding

I hope no one interpreted that last post to mean that I was down on using Twitter as a way to reach your clients. Twitter is fantastic! My general feeling is that all of these media allow you to reach out to your clients at the exact moment that they are looking for more information. It’s better to put all this stuff on the Internet and have it lying there when the clients are ready, as opposed to a cold call or a mailer.

The key is: Use them all, then cross-brand everything. When you post something on your blog, tweet that you have a new article for everyone to read, and put the link on Facebook and LinkedIn too. On your blog’s home page, there should be a clear notice that you’re on Twitter too, and you might even want to explain to people how they can follow you there. And so forth.

Remember, not everyone is on every social medium. In fact, most people are only checking one or two of them regularly. Make sure you don’t miss out on notifying anyone of all the great material you’re providing.

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