Sunday, March 6, 2011

Am I Blogging Often Enough?

Is it really necessary to blog every day? Well, think about how you cycle through your Internet bookmarks when you sit down to the computer each day. You’ll click on your favorite news site, Facebook, your Twitter feed, maybe ESPN for sports, a humor or political blog, and see what’s fresh on each site.

If there’s nothing new to read on one of the sites, that’s no big deal. If tomorrow, there’s still nothing fresh, you might feel a little disappointed. If there’s nothing by Friday, you might decide – even subconsciously – to stop dropping by there every day.

At the same time, even one little item – maybe a link to an interesting story that person found elsewhere on the Net – is likely to keep you coming back for more. At least you know that person’s site is still alive, and still being updated; you don’t have to worry about whether it’s been abandoned.

Ask yourself: How long will I keep clicking on a non-updated site before I stop visiting there altogether? However long that is, you want to make sure your own blog gets refreshed more often that that.

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