Friday, May 15, 2009

The Kindle News

The next major platform for blog readers appears to be Amazon's Kindle, which has announced a new program for uploading and publishing blog posts. There's no charge to bloggers for having their material distributed, but Amazon plans to charge readers - prices haven't been announced, but speculation is that it will be something like $1.99 a month per blog.

I generally trust that Amazon knows what it's doing, which is why this comes as a significant step for the world of blogging. If Amazon thinks people will be willing to pay to read a blog, they must have evidence that they're considered pretty popular and valuable.

Now that doesn't mean people will be willing to pay to read the kinds of marketing blogs we handle here at Triton. But it does mean that blogs have become a regular, accepted and even necessary part of people's online reading habits.

If people are willing to pay to read a blog, don't you think they might be likely to stop by and catch up on your blog - for free?

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