Thursday, May 7, 2009

And the Winner Is...

The Software and Information Industry Association recently handed out a bunch of awards (the Codies) to member firms, and one of them was for the Corporate Blog of the Year. That went to Mark Logic CEO Dave Kellogg's blog, titled simply Mark Logic CEO Blog.

It's instructive to read Dave's blog and see what people regard as exemplary in this field. Dave touches on a lot of complex, technical software issues, but he also deals with whatever topic strikes his fancy. There's a funny post up there about an interview with the guys who founded Twitter, for example.

Structurally, it's updated at least once a day, so people would never get out of the habit of clicking on it. It uses Blogger, the same flexible (and free!) blog-hosting service that we use. And most importantly, it gets people talking about Mark Logic, even people like me who ordinarily have little contact with the software industry. What more could you want?

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